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Client Speak

“BhaiBen has been an awesome partner for our office. As a result, I have a noticeable presence online & we get a lot of clients from the internet. I Love my website which they built! Which is why I would recommend them to any business owner looking to improve their online presence.”
Hiren Korat
Founder & CEO Ace Family Dental
Monday, January 3, 2022

How We Work

Let us take you through a quick snapshot of the onboarding and ongoing journey with us. We have uncomplicated the steps for you, and have set clear goals for each step. Our process has 4 simple steps. The first 3 steps take care of the beginning of the association and initial campaign learnings. While the 4th step ensures the effectiveness of all ongoing work.

Step: 1

Creation of a well-researched and well-crafted proposal

At this step, either you would have reached us or we would have contacted you to initiate a conversation about a possible association. We ask you relevant and important questions for understanding where your business stands currently and where you aim to make it reach. After that, we do comprehensive research on your market segment and your competitors. This groundwork leads us to drafting a proposal that encloses our vision for your business growth along with clear deliverables and timelines.
Step: 1
Step 2

Proposal acceptance and detailed roadmap creation

Once we mutually agree upon the proposal after incorporating your desired tweaks, we sign the contract and start work on the initial set-up. We detail out the roadmap with specific actionables and milestones that are aligned with the nuances of your target audience. In this roadmap, we include both the creative strategy and the technical campaign strategy. We also check, edit and ensure that your entire digital portfolio is marketing-ready.
Step 2
Step: 3

Launch of the pilot campaign

At this stage, we get your initial campaigns up and running. The pilot phase of campaigning is extremely crucial for learning what’s working within your target market and how it’s responding to the campaigns. This is the stage where maximum tweaks are done, and a lot of efforts are invested in real-time monitoring of the campaigns. This stage would last for a minimum of 45 days to a maximum of 90 days. After which, we can start forecasting the expected conversions.
Step: 3
Step 4

Active ROI-drive campaigning

After the campaign has surpassed its pilot phase, we start focusing on ROI. We forecast and reverse-engineer the campaigns. This is also the stage where we would request you to re-group with us and take the necessary creative, financial, and technical calls for shifting the gears of the campaign. Hereon, we keep optimizing the campaigns on a weekly and monthly frequency for better ROI. This is the stage that clients typically love the most as they start to see real results of all the hard work and precious time that was put into the deliverables earlier.
Step 4

Principles That Guide Us


We centre the creation of our digital experiences around the people who will be using it – the end users. Through insight, considered user journey mapping and best-practice user interface design, we create effective digital experiences that convert.


We love to test and iterate to see what works, who it’s working for, and how it can work even better. It’s the type of data driven approach that gives your audience a big reason to click and buy, allowing you to see results sooner.

Single Page Website

Unlock the power of a dynamic online presence with our exclusive “Single Page Website” service. At BhaiBen, we recognize the need for businesses to establish themselves quickly and effectively in the digital landscape. Our Single Page Website service is meticulously designed to provide you with a stunning, responsive, and cost-effective solution.

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