Case Study: Independent Insurance Consultancy

Problem: Independent Insurance agent have to compete with online insurance sellers

Independent Insurance agents  have difficulty getting new clients and competing with online aggregators and sellers of Insurance. They need a new way to get new clients. And reach hitherto untapped market. While connecting with younger demography. Who prefer to buy insurance online.

Goal: Improve business development & generate new Leads.

Marketing Strategy

The Insurance Consultancy wanted to acquire new customers from the whole State. So we targeted different Demography suitable to their Health Insurance plans. And created Ads on Facebook and Instagram. We created Ads on 3 different Languages, to get maximum results. And Leads we Funneled to a lead capture from.

Result: 100 High Quality Leads acquired in 3 days

The Insurance Consultancy was able to get leads who were more receptive to the Insurance Plans. As they were targeted properly.

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